Tea Tree Oil Antifungal



Tea tree oil is an old and extensively used remedy for the fungal infections in the toenails. This has a very effective antifungal property that can be utilized to treat various sorts of fungal infections. It is often said that the fungal infection that takes place in the toenails are caused by the microscopic fungus which grow and stay alive under the nails. These funguses are called the Dermatophytes. They are also addressed as the ring worms.


Now the toe nails that are infected by the fungal infection, often gets attacked by the Tinea corporis which settles down on the skin of the toenails and gradually spread in a larger area. They often change the normal skin tone of the nails and forms minute lumps. This give rise to severe pain and the infected person faces difficulty in walking. Wearing shoes also become equally painful.  There are different methods of treatment available for this problem.


The tea tree oil is the most common remedy for this problem. They have excellent anti fungal effects. This is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves and branches of the tree called Melaleuca alternifolia which grows plentifully in the Australian continent. But its popularity has crossed all the geographical boundaries and spread world wide. This is become a well known method of alternative treatment for fungal infections.


Tea tree oil contains an ingredient known as terpenoid which possibly has few properties that can be used for medication. The other important anti fungal component of tea tree oil is cineole. Application of the tea tree oil on the affected area destroys the microscopic fungus and eradicates the infection. This gradually lowers down the pain at the infected area.


The tea tree oil is also used in treating the oral infections caused by the bacteria as a mouthwash as well as curing the throat infections through gargling. So these were the fungal infections that can be effectively treated by the tea tree oils. This provides a permanent solution to the problems instead of temporary cure that makes the same problem relapse again and again.